Friday, May 27, 2016

My Next Craft Show

This Sunday May 29th The Bohemian Boutique will be at The Retro Expo in downtown Muskegon at the Farmer's Market from 11am-4pm.  (242 W Western Ave, Muskegon, Michigan 49440)

This is the perfect event to grab a friend and stroll through all the booths and find that perfect treasure!

The RETRO EXPO is an outdoor vintage market filled with vendors selling retro goods and up-cycled items. This is more than a flea market, it's a nostalgic shopping experience! 
-ATM on site.
-Credit Cards are accepted depending on individual vendors
-Food and drinks on-site
-Rain or Shine
-Free Parking
-No Admission Fee


I'm really excited, this will be my first outdoor show.  I hope the weather holds out!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!!

Time to Open the Garden! Yay!!

We live in West Michigan and I've learned the hard way to wait to plant my garden.  Mother's day weekend always seems like the perfect time to start planting veggies and flowers.  It took me a couple years to except the reality of the weather in the Spring.  I've lost many a plants to frost and snow from planting to early.  This mother's day the weather was nice so we opened up the garden, which means getting it ready for planting.

My girls like to get their hands dirty too!  We started by removing the hay from the beds and weeding.

We took a little picnic lunch break.  

To help enrich the soil I like to add used coffee grounds.  I used a rake to mix them into the soil.

Wow, looks so much better.  We had a great day being outside and checkin' things off the list!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!!

Harvesting pallet wood

So if you haven't heard by now it's kinda a pain in the ass to harvest the wood from a pallet.  However having the right tools can make a world of difference.  In my experience these four tools make it possible...a hammer, metal wedge, hacksaw and a sawzall.  Make sure the blades on your saws are made to be used on metal. 

First I use the sawzall to cut as many of the pallets boards by sliding the blade in between the frame and the board.  I can usually cut all of the ends apart with the sawzall. You will be cutting the nails that hold it together not the wood.  (Tip: Make sure you cut as close to the pallet board you want to use so that there isn't a rough end of a nail sticking way out.)

(Don't mind the mess in the background)

Depending on the type of pallet you may have to use a hacksaw to get into places where the sawzall can't.  The middle section is where I use my hacksaw. 

Sometimes the boards are really tight against the frame and you may have trouble getting the saw blade in.  This is where I use the hammer and metal wedge.  Place the wedge and hammer lightly till you have created enough place to sit the saw blade in.

Now obviously the nails will still be in the board.  Most of my projects I like the look of the nails, it gives it a little more rustic look.  If you don't want them in you can always pound them out with your hammer and a punch.

 I hope this helped a little bit!

Thanks for stoppin' by!!