Thursday, November 10, 2016

!!The Bohemian Boutique GRAND OPENING!!

The grand opening of the shop was Saturday November 5th!  It was a huge success!!

Here are a few pics from the day!  I was overwhelmed by all the love and support near and far!!

Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos
 Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos

 Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos

 Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos

 Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos

 Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos

 Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos

 Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos

 Photo credit: Mrs Thompsons Photos

 Photo credit: Leah Rae McDonald

 Photo credit: Amber Adams

 Photo credit: Amber Adams

It was a fantastic fall day!!!  I want to thank everyone that came out, called, messaged and sent flowers.  It was so greatly appreciated and made my heart smile!!!

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Fall is Busy!!

I LOVE FALL!! It is always full of fun things to do and see. 

October 18th my husband and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary.  We took about 24 hrs to celebrate while my in laws watched the kids.  It was short but very sweet and much needed.

 Finally got over to the new Artisan Taproom in New Era.  We were pleasantly surprised at how many of the brews we liked.  We don't like hoppy beer and so many places serve that kind.

 We stayed the night at the Point cottage and we always visit the little stone church that we got married in.  I LOVE that church!!

Annual pumpkin carving.

Lochlan attended his first Halloween dance.  Of course he went as Dr. Who.  I'm happy to report he had a great time and even kinda danced. 

I was able to go to Addy's school for the Halloween parade and party.

This year Halloween was extra special because I Mom flew in that day.  She has never been here for Halloween so it was a treat for all of us.

Halloween night we have a tradition, going back about 6 years now, we make mummy dogs for dinner.

 Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter and a Nerd! hehe I LOVE IT!

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Exciting News!!!

Well, as you may know I dream of owning a little shop.  I often look at the classifieds and dream of the different building and what I could do with them.  The Ladder (our new community center) building was always one I dreamt of, I'm so glad that someone did something with it.

I came across a building for sale in my town, which I couldn't afford, it said it had 9 units.  I wondered if any of the spaces were available to rent so I took a little drive.  I talked to one of the tenants and was informed that one of them was available and the owner worked 2 doors down.  I talked to the owner for a minute and he opened it up so I could take a look.

It was only about a week later that I had the keys in my hand.

I got to work right away!! I'm only renting so I didn't want to invest to much.  So I grabbed sand paper and a gallon of paint and got to work.

I spent my evening planning, sketching and making lists of what had to be done.

I found this great shelving unit on an auction and won it and got to work sanding and staining.

 It took awhile to but I was able to put them in with a little help from my kids.

 My next order of business was to make a sales counter.  So I put my skills to the test.  Yes, I built it all by myself.  #girlscandoittoo

 Ok, see that drawer?  That is a little miracle right there. LOL I salvaged that drawer along with others from a house in N. Muskegon.  I built the frame and then as an after thought, wondered if one the drawers would fit.  IT FIT EXACTLY!! That my friend is a little DIY miracle.

I always tell my kids you never know unless you try!!  This time I took my own advice!

I think one of the worst feelings is regret, to wish you would have taken the leap and then missed your chance.  I don't know what the future holds and no matter happens at least I will have tried!!

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First Day of School!!

This year my kids are in 3 different schools and headed into 7th, 4th and 2nd grade.  My goodness how did that happen?  :/

I'm so proud of these three and we are looking for to a great school year!!

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As Summer Comes to an End.....

It happens every year and every year I think how did it go by so fast?  As a kid I swear summer lasted what seemed like forever.  I had one last Retro Expo to get ready and this time I had a little help. 

Claire and I have enjoyed the times we've been sharing at the Expo since May.  She really was a big help at the shows!!

 My Dad came down for a few days so er tried to get as many of us together.  It was are last time at the camper together for the year.  

Swimmin' with the cousins.

We always seem to forget to take group pics when we're together but not this time. Yay!

You know that summer is almost over when you start school open houses. 

 Claire meeting her 4th grade teacher and giving her a little gift.

Adelyn meeting her 2nd grade teacher and giving her a little something too.

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