Hello, my name is Tara and I'd like to thank you for stopping by!!

This blog is about my adventures in making, restyling and finding treasures and the life that's lived in between. 

I'm a wife to my awesome hardworking husband,  mother to my handsome son and two beautiful daughters and a Jane of all trades and master of none!  I've been a DIYer  since I was little.  I always loved art class and later drafting and at that time you still used a drafting table & t-square haha!  I love working with my hands which is why they are usually covered in pencil, paint, ink or dirt.  I always thought if I won the lottery, it wouldn't change my love for diy-ing.  Don't get me wrong, I would definitely hire some jobs out like cleaning my house and laundry UGH!  We live in Shelby, a very small town in West Michigan.  When I say small...I mean small, we only have one traffic light.  By traffic light, I mean the blinking light in front of the Elementary school.  I've lived in two very different areas of the country which has a lot to do with my style (eclectic) and love for many different things.  I was born a Yooper in Marquette MI and moved to West Palm Beach FL and later Jupiter FL when I was very young.  I didn't know at the time but I lived a life that many strive for,  I spent most of the year in beautiful Jupiter, a coastal town in the Florida and my summers in Whitehall, a lake town in West Michigan.   The beach has never been more than fifteen minutes away no matter where I've lived.  Even though I don't get there like I used to, I find comfort in knowing it's there waiting anytime I need it.  There is something about the sun on my face, the sand in my toes and the water whether it be salt or fresh, it just feels like home.  It was quite a culture shock moving to this small town from where I grew up and took awhile to adjust but now I wouldn't have it any other way.  I don't miss I-95 and all the craziness that goes with it!!!!  I love the change of seasons and the appreciation that each season brings!! 

I'm a fan of lobster dinners, good cheese, sweet wine, anything grilled, beer, romantic comedies, the blues, bourbon, yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, reclaimed wood, old doors and diy magazines.....also my name is Tara and I'm addicted to Pinterest!!....whew!, that was a lot!! :/ If you asked me what my favorite movie is I'd say The Color Purple and Pride & Prejudice but it's really hard for me to answer that.  I love movies and books and books that turn into movies, anything from Jane Austin to Chris Farley lol!!   We are a family that likes to eat good, have family movie & game nights,  practice archery, be outdoors and all things Star Wars, Harry Potter and LOTR, yes we're geeks!! Two of my most favorite home improvement tv shows are Fixer Upper and Salvage Dogs, I often say I'd love to do an internship with them!!  

The name of my blog kinda sums up my style which is all over the place.  I like to think I have more of an eclectic style, it sounds much better than scatterbrain-ness, if that's a word.  This is my second blog, my first was "A Life Worth Scrappin'" which was more about scrapbooking and paper crafting.  As I started to do more DIY projects I was doing less and less paper crafting, so I took a break from blogging to regroup.  I have recently started making things and selling them at craft shows and on facebook, well actually my first show is next weekend, scary and exciting!!  My dream would be to have a little shop and make things people love and if my Mom could do it with me it would be perfect!!! I owe a lot of my diy-ness to her one of the original DIYers!

I have a design and fashion sense of "if you like it, buy it, wear it, make it, NO RULES"!!!  I don't mind getting my hands dirty.  I love finding little treasures, be it new, vintage or ugly with good bones.  I'm a salvage-er at heart, get me into an old barn, building or house and I'm a happy girl.

If you've made it through this page, you're awesome!!!  Don't forget to check back to see what's new!!


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