Our Garden

In 2014 I decided I wanted a bigger garden.  At that time we only had 2-4' square raised beds.  I added 6- 6'x3' raised beds and a fence to help keep out bunnies and other critters.  I had never built a fence before but that didn't stop me.  I'm a DIYer that doesn't follow plans, I usually just draw it out and go from there. 

I did make one mistake and cut the post to short and had to go back to the store for more. oops!!
The worst part about the whole project was removing the grass where we wanted the beds.  It took what seemed like forever but I did it!

I also wanted to add a flower bed along the fence line.  So I went on a mission to find field stones so I could line the bed with them.  I would drive along the dirt roads and stop and pick them up, #Ibreakforrocks.  Our soil is quite rocky so the kids and I went rock hunting around our property as well.  I'm proud to say I found enough and it didn't cost me a cent. YAY!!

Each year I plan to add more and more perrenials because they can be pricey.

I planted morning glories along the fence.  I know they're annuals but they don't cost too much and are so worth it.

This pic is from one year later and you can see that the plants are starting to fill in nicely.

I love gardening!!!  It doesn't matter what kind of day I'm having 20 minutes in my garden and everything's is as right as rain!! #cheaperthantherapy


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