Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Party Lights

I wanted to make our pool and backyard area more inviting and fun.   I thought stringing light around would not only be useful but pretty and the second you turn them on it's like a party.

I get a lot of Home Depot gift cards and I try to save them up just for projects like this.

Supply List:
1.75" pvc pipe
1.75" pvc caps for end
screw hooks
quikrete (the red bag)
rust-oleum spray paint (hammered)
tape measure
saw (I used a miter saw & box)
planters (or whatever type of container you want)
string Christmas lights 
safety mask
pry bar (used to mix concrete)
drill and drill bit

First, I measured 18" from the end of the pipe and made my cut, then did the same with the other 4.

Next, I put the caps on the cut ends of the pipe.  That way if you didn't cut exactly straight you won't be able to tell. 

Then, I drilled a hole about 2" down from the top and screwed in the hooks. (make sure to use a smaller bit than your hook size)

Next, I put them in the planters. They're top heavy so I placed a couple of rocks inside.  I spray painted them and let them dry.  Then flipped them around to do the other end.

Just in case this isn't obvious, please wear some sort of mask to keep the dust away.  This is an add water concrete so you really don't want to be breathing in the dust.  Don't I look so cute? haha Safety first!!

Next, I poured about half a bag into the planter.  Then it's just a matter of adding the water.  I wanted this to set pretty quick so I added water then mixed and added some more if I needed it.  Being careful not to make it too runny.  I used a pry bar to mix.  It was very thick and took a little muscle to incorporate all of the dry mix from the bottom but I got er done!

Once that is done, quickly grab the pipe and push it down to the center and bottom of the planter.  I used a long level to make sure that both sides of the pipe were plum.  I held it for a couple of minutes.  I then laid the level across the top to help keep it from moving (shown in pic).  This quikrete is very quick setting, hence the name.  It was very hard within 25 mins.  Then I just repeated the process 4 more times.  I didn't take long at all.

After everything was dry I moved them to where I wanted and just strung up the lights.  To secure it to the hooks I just wrapped it around once and went on to the next one.  Really simple.

Then,  I added some sand from our sand box b/c I didn't want to pay for all that potting soil.  I filled it with sand about a foot from the top.  Then filled the rest with potting soil.  

Next, I planted the flowers and made it look pretty.  They look great at night and have been through a few summer storms and wind and are holding up great.

Thanks for stoppin' by!!

Summer Time

Summer time in the Kelley house.

 Right when we got home we starting cleaning out our pool.  This little guy was at the bottom.  The girls pleaded with me to keep it.  After explaining that he wouldn't have a very good life in a tank or cage we decided to set him free.  So operation turtle relocation was under way.

 He was very happy to be in his new home.  Operation turtle relocation was a success.  Mission complete.

The next order of business or pleasure in my case was to plant my flowers.  I try to buy mostly perennials but you always need a few pots on annuals cause they're just so pretty.  Most of my terra cotta pots are filled with lavender and marigolds two plants that help repel mosquito's and other bugs.  Not only that but when the weather turns I replant the lavender in my flower beds.

I have a love affair with purple flowers and lavender smells so good.

This is the 3rd year the girls have attended some of the art camps in Whitehall.  It's such a great program and thanks to generous families it is a great price.  This camp was all about the art of tie dying.  They had a great time being messing and honestly better there than in my house.  I'm not a neat freak and let my kids do a lot of crafts but this one was one heck of a mess.  If you try it at home I suggest you go outside.  LOL

No fourth of July is complete without the Annual Point Picnic.  This year we had more family attend.  My husband's sister Kelley, her husband Scott and their adorable baby girl Ellie moved here last summer.  We are excited to see them more and hope to plan more things in the future.  I miss having a big family around us. 
 This years picnic was a extra special being it the 100 year anniversary of the great game of Crolf. 

Here is some Crolf equipment from over the years.

Cupcake...need I say more!?!

Waiting for the fireworks to start.  Hart Sparks over Hart Lake.

 Summer is in full swing now and is flying by.  It has been really humid here lately and with no ac in the house we have to find other ways to keep cool. 

Bomb Pops and watermelon in the pool are a sure sign that Summer is here!!  Yum!

 Water balloon fight and swimming.  Keeping cool anyway we can.

 Thanks for stoppin' by!

Welcome Home!

My husband and I were gone for 10 days.  We were a little nervous since we had only been away from them for 2 days prior to this.  My Dad watched them and they had a great time.  While we were gone my sister Ashley and her husband Ryan had their first baby.  My kids were pretty excited that they got to see the new baby before us.  lol 

So without further adew my nephew Talon Thomas, isn't he beautiful!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

 Proud Mama and Papa!! 

We can't wait to see him grow!!

Busy as a Bee!!!

It's been quite a summer so far....

From my sister Kaitlyn getting married in Ireland, our first trip abroad, my sister Ashley having her first baby and all 3 kids being home for the summer, it seems to be flying by.  We are so blessed to have had the opportunity to travel and be a part of all these amazing milestones.....but needless to say I haven't been good about keeping up with my blog. 

Seriously the Best fish and chips in Ireland!!

Visiting Ireland was a dream come true but sharing it with my Mom was amazing!! 

Our little blue car got the job done, maybe not as fast as you'd like but she got us from A to B. 
As one of the locals put it "it's a fucking washing machine on wheels". LOL!!

I'm so glad we got to drive ourselves around.  It gave us so much freedom, we truly drove cross country.  P.S Never rent a car without GPS, it seriously saved us and our marriage. LOL

 Visiting the Hill of Tara.  For obvious reasons I wanted to go here but it wasn't just the name.  It is one of the most historical places in Ireland.  142 Kings are said to have reigned in the Name of Tara. 

Driving was an adventure to say the least.  My husband John drove the whole time but I had to try it just to say I did it.  It was fun but very strange.  Every time we turned a corner I'd say left side, left side.  John did an amazing job, we had no accidents and both mirrors were in tacked when we returned it.  LOL!! 

The Luttrellstown Castle is where my sister got married.  It's also where David & Victoria Beckham were married.  It was a fairytale and we are blessed to have been a part of it.  The Castle was amazing, the staff was great and the food was fantastic!  The pic to the right was one of the views from our room.

We had the King John room.  I had to get a pic of John sitting on the Throne in the King John room.  Too funny!!

Who needs a glass!! Guinness is good for you!
 My gorgeous sister on her wedding day!!

What's a castle without secret passageways?

After we left the Castle we headed to Tipperary where my family originated from.  We made a quick stop to the Rock of Cashel.

 One of our favorite places on our whole trip was the English Market in Cork.  AMAZING!!!!!
I really wished I had a kitchen while we were there.  There was so much I wanted to cook and taste.  We did buy lots of yummy cheeses, olives, breads and jams for a picnic.

 The Cliffs of Moher was one of if not the top sight to see for me.  Unfortunately mother nature had other plans that day.  The fog rolled in thick and quick.  I guess this just means that I will have to come back again some day.

Next we traveled to Galway, which is the area where my husband family originated from.  Galway is known for its good seafood.  The Kings Head has been around quite awhile so we thought we'd try it out.  They did not disappoint. YUM!!

 The weather while we were in Galway was not the best.  It was raining and blowing the whole first day.  Did that stop us form walking the streets?  Heck no!!  We were prepared, so glad I brought my rain boots.  So worth the suitcase space.

While we were checking out the Spanish Arch we found this little restaurant, Ard Bia at Nimmos.  It was tiny but had so much character.  I had one of the best meals of my life and dream of going back.  I love it when you stumble across a gem like this.
 I LOVED the tea in Ireland.  Isn't this the cutest tea pot? 

When mother nature rains out your picnic plans, what do you do?  You get in your comfy clothes and have a picnic on the bed in your hotel room.  

Ireland was #1 on my bucket list and it had every reason to be.  My husband and I are both from Irish decent and it was a dream come true to visit and experience all that we did. 

Next we hopped on a plane to Paris for a couple of days.  We stayed in the city near the Louvre and used the metro and cabs to get around.  That was quite an experience in it's self. 

We walked the streets, climbed countless stairs and saw some of the most breathtaking architecture and history in the world.

 We climbed to the top of Notre Dame Cathedral.  The line is a lot longer than the one to go into the church but soooo completely worth it!
Of course a kiss under the Eiffel Tower was a must. 

 One of the best things was seeing my friend Perrine.  She was an exchange student in my high school and we became good friends.  She moved back to France after college and I hadn't seen her in 19 years.  You know that you have good friends when you can pick up where you left off.  SUCH GOOD TIMES!!!!

After a really long line we made it down to the Catacombs.

 It was quite an experience and one I'll never forget.  Not to many places like this in the world and definitely worth the wait.

Before we headed over to the Louvre we needed to eat.  There was this great cafe down the street from the Catacombs.  We had escargot and I had seafood pasta and John had the duck.  Very good!!!

Of course you have to have macrons while you are in France.  I picked up some at Paul's, they were delicious!!!

 The Lourve was my 2nd favorite place on our trip.  It is the most amazing place.  You could spend a week in there and not see everything.  One thing you have to remember is to always look up.  The ceilings are spectacular!!  I found that the architecture of the palace was just as impressive as the art work and exhibits.

My husband and I never had a honeymoon and after almost 13 years of marriage we got one.  Boy was it worth the wait!!!!  I still can't believe we went.  I look at the pictures almost everyday.  We are truly blessed!!!!!