Thursday, November 10, 2016

Exciting News!!!

Well, as you may know I dream of owning a little shop.  I often look at the classifieds and dream of the different building and what I could do with them.  The Ladder (our new community center) building was always one I dreamt of, I'm so glad that someone did something with it.

I came across a building for sale in my town, which I couldn't afford, it said it had 9 units.  I wondered if any of the spaces were available to rent so I took a little drive.  I talked to one of the tenants and was informed that one of them was available and the owner worked 2 doors down.  I talked to the owner for a minute and he opened it up so I could take a look.

It was only about a week later that I had the keys in my hand.

I got to work right away!! I'm only renting so I didn't want to invest to much.  So I grabbed sand paper and a gallon of paint and got to work.

I spent my evening planning, sketching and making lists of what had to be done.

I found this great shelving unit on an auction and won it and got to work sanding and staining.

 It took awhile to but I was able to put them in with a little help from my kids.

 My next order of business was to make a sales counter.  So I put my skills to the test.  Yes, I built it all by myself.  #girlscandoittoo

 Ok, see that drawer?  That is a little miracle right there. LOL I salvaged that drawer along with others from a house in N. Muskegon.  I built the frame and then as an after thought, wondered if one the drawers would fit.  IT FIT EXACTLY!! That my friend is a little DIY miracle.

I always tell my kids you never know unless you try!!  This time I took my own advice!

I think one of the worst feelings is regret, to wish you would have taken the leap and then missed your chance.  I don't know what the future holds and no matter happens at least I will have tried!!

Thanks for stoppin' by!


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