Thursday, November 10, 2016

As Summer Comes to an End.....

It happens every year and every year I think how did it go by so fast?  As a kid I swear summer lasted what seemed like forever.  I had one last Retro Expo to get ready and this time I had a little help. 

Claire and I have enjoyed the times we've been sharing at the Expo since May.  She really was a big help at the shows!!

 My Dad came down for a few days so er tried to get as many of us together.  It was are last time at the camper together for the year.  

Swimmin' with the cousins.

We always seem to forget to take group pics when we're together but not this time. Yay!

You know that summer is almost over when you start school open houses. 

 Claire meeting her 4th grade teacher and giving her a little gift.

Adelyn meeting her 2nd grade teacher and giving her a little something too.

Thanks for stoppin' by!!


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